Starting to read this book today. I hope it is good :)


Must read this book written by Kevin T. Johns

I am only 3/4 through reading this book… But I must say that this is one of the best books I have ever read.

It is highly creative and well detailed. It is written with perfection.

I won’t spoil the book at all through this post.

Please all consider buying and reviewing his work. He should be congratulated for what he has achieved.

The Story of I Wish You More by Tom Lichtenheld

Such a wonderful idea

Nerdy Book Club

Many years ago, I worked in advertising –  making TV commercials, magazine ads and the like. While casting kids for a tv commercial, this little girl showed up with her sweater mis-buttoned, so I said, “she has more buttons than holes.” Then, of course, I did a doodle…

Wish1 Wish2

Which made me wonder if it could become a book…


which made me do more doodles…



My initial idea was that the book would be a collection of “more this than that” situations.

At the same time, I was experimenting with watercolors and created this random image by sprinkling salt onto wet, blue paint, which was clearly meant to be a snow-filled sky.


I liked many of the situations but there wasn’t much holding them together – no Big Idea to give them context. I had about 20 drawings, which I showed to my very smart friend Amy Krouse Rosenthal, asking…

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Hello world!

This site, I wish to create to promote books I have written.

I will also use this site for other writer’s like myself, to give reviews and feedback on their own work.

I look forward to getting to know many people on my new blog.

Happy Days 🙂

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