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Australian. Studying a Bachelor of Primary Education. Twin. Self- Published 2 books through bookbaby - A Twin's Redemption (Bronze Award winner 2015) -The Girl with the Lips I like reading. I love craft. Movies and TV shows are life. My passion is to write and be famous one day :)


Above is the link to my bronze award winning ebook and the recent review I have recieved on amazon and the “Riley Amos Westbook” Blog.

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I am a bronze medal winner of my ebook :)

I have recently just won a bronze medal in the “Reader’s Favorite Annual Book Award Contest 2015” in the Fiction (social issues) category for my novel “A Twin’s Redemption.”
Below is a link to all of the winners.…

The Link to purchase this general fiction/ young adult/ paranormal romance ebook is:

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My name is Yassy F. I was wondering if you would be interested in buying and reviewing my ebook. It would be appreciated.  (CHECK OUT THE LINKS BELOW FOR ALL THE REVIEWS BEEN GIVEN) Feel free to post reviews on any site below and on any blog you might own.

Thanks for considering.

BELOW: Links to buy book on and reviews of the book. (About 1- 3 reviews on each link)

Synopsis: After discovering a dramatic secret from a little blue book, two red headed twins -Mildred and Angelica- embark on an adventure to find redemption, love and freedom. Their lives are based in a prison inside of their own home. Their parents do not care. There are bullies everywhere. Will these twins be able to save each other and others from such a terrible magical madness?

Both of my ebooks are now free for the next few monts #SALE   – My Author Page – book  – book


– Self published

– About 50000 words

– General Fiction

-Young Adult

-Romantic Drama

If you decide to read my book, please review/ rate on amazon.

The Girl with the Lips

A Twin’s Redemption